Run ready-to-go bitcoin apps

There is a set of already solved business tasks with separate sub-apps, you can choose one or multiple to run for your needs. Try out the demo of some apps

Telegram tip bot or Store of secrets

DarkWeb shop

Request an app, or deliver requested one and get paid

pay2exec also acts as a marketplace for businesses and developers. Fortunatelly, we have bitcoin, so we can drive up development of pay2exec by paid requested apps. Moreover, any app goes open-source so can be re-used or improved later.

Use it in custom way

Focus on your main idea, not the implementation. pay2exec is open-source and locks-free, all the third-party integrations are also open-source. Feel free to integrate core api into your software or use parts of pay2exec code on your own

How to run?

Refer to the instructions on github, it's easy and initial setup can be done in less then 5 minutes. You can start right now with Web-deploy UI


Feel free to send us some kind words! By the way, this form is pay2exec app